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Terms And Conditions

Tell Us Exactly How You Want the Item Shot
  1. We do not allow live direction in our studio, it is distracting and encumbering. Meaning we do not allow you to come here and direct us how to shoot the products.
  2. Direction of how the images are to be photographed must be specified in the notes section in writing done during the ordering process or in a separate email. Drawings, illustrations, tear sheets, cell phone images, or likeness from other websites, are very helpful to guide the photographer as to your idea of how your product should look.
  3. If the product was photographed like the example image provided by the client in style and position and The Client changes their mind and wants a different “look” or object position, than what was specified before shooting than the photographer has the option to cancel the job and refund the money or The Client may pay for any extra photography.
  4. If no example or guide images are provided, we reserve the right to use our own professional descression as to how the product should look. There will be only 2 revisions (reshoots) done. Any photography after that The Client has the option to cancel the job or The Client may pay for any extra photography.
If an image is not satisfactory
  1. The client will be given the chance to approve or disapprove an image within the framework of the guide images at the conclusion of the photoshoot via webste page online. If the image(s) is/are disapproved the product may be rephotographed or re-retouched up to 2 times if the images are still not satisfactory the product will be returned and no payment is due the images will be disgarded.
  2. Disapproval must be expressed in detail in an email and very specific changes must be made clear.
  3. Using the images after a refund is a violation of copyright law and such violations will be pursued.
  4. Usage of the image constitutes approval of the images.
  5. The client may not request a refund, changes or reshoots after the client has approved the final images, only additional shots.
  6. Disapproved images will be given an additional 7 business day time turn around time or with rush an extra 3 business day turn around time to reshoot or re-retouch the disapproved images.
Product Quality
  1. We will photograph the item within 3 – 5 days upon arrival at the studio.  If the item has flaws, or damage, it will be photographed as such.
  2. If the item arrives unacceptably damaged as determined by the photographer, you will be contacted and given a chance to send a new item to be photographed.
  3. We may retouch certain minor flaws inherent in the product but we are not required too.
  4. We sometimes do additional propping, which can be described as placing items that are not the product next to the main product to enhance the image. Example: Products such as kitchenware pots and pans may look more attractive with food items displayed within, or alongside them. This may be done in addition to the single item being photographed.
Pre-approval of Photos
  1. When shooting a highly difficult product we may send a pre-approval image. Aspects of this pre-approval image, such as overall lighting quality & highlight position determine how other similar products will be photographed.
Turn Around Time
  1. Turn around times begin upon the delivery of the products to our studio.
  2. We will make every reasonable attempt to deliver the pictures within a reasonable amount of time, however, we will not be held responsible for delays due to “act of God”.
  3. 7-10 day turn around time refers to 7 business days, specifically Monday – Friday.
  4. 3 day rush turn around time refers to 3 business day, specifically Monday – Friday.
  1. The Client must pay 100% of the costs upon approval of photos before any can be transferred.
  2. Payment for the photos constitutes approval of the photos, and no refunds will be made after payment in full has been made.
Image Ownership And Usage
  1. All photographs and copyrights remain the exclusive property of Just Product Photography. We also may use them in our own advertising and such.
  2. Ownership is different from usage and the client is given world-wide, unlimited usage rights for an unlimited amount of time, in an unlimited amount of mediums and alterations for promotional and advertising usage of the company that made the order.
  3. The client may not, however, re-licence or sell the images to anyone else as their own, license the images to others or give images to others for 3rd Party Usage.  This includes reselling the images or placing them in stock for profit and it is a violation of the copyright agreement.
Third Party Usage
  1. All Third Party Usage must be negotiated separately with Just Product Photography.
  2. Third Party Usage is when the graphics are used to promote or advertise a company that is not the client and is a violation of national copyright laws. For example: If we are hired to shoot a T-shirt for, then that T-shirt picture can only be used to promote
  3. The client may provide images to it’s distributors.  Like if decides to retail on Amazon, they may provide images to Amazon.
  4. Unlicensed usage, such as third party usage is a copyright violation.  More info can be found at
Image Sizing & Resolution
  1. The images we provide are full resolution in .jpg format, not smaller than 8×10 inches @ 300dpi or 2400pixels by 3000pixels or a 20+mb file.
  2. Lower resolution images used for websites and such, can be provided upon request.
Products Shipping, Return Shipping
  1. The shipping of products to and from is the sole financial and physical responsibility of the client.
  2. We will not be held responsible for damaged goods in the shipping process.
  3. Return shipping is optional and at the clients expense.
  4. Payment for return shipment is billed separately and returned at cost + %10, in the same manner and with the same shipping service unless otherwise specified in the notes.
  5. An invoice for the return shipping will be sent and once paid, the product will be shipped.
  6. The Client assumes full risk of loss or damage to or arising from materials furnished by the client hereunder and warrants that said materials are adequately insured against loss, damage or liability. The client shall indemnify the Photographer against all claims, liability, damages, and expenses incurred by the photographer in connection with any claim arising out of the use of said materials hereunder.
  7. Any products photographed and left over 30 days after payment of images has been made will become the property of Just Product Photography and will be disposed of or donated, unless otherwise agreed upon.
Products That Are Not Returned
  1. Return shipment of products is at clients expense and is optional and must be requested by client.
  2. After 30 days, any products not requested to be returned or picked up, shall become property of Just Product Photography, such products and items and maybe used, disposed of, or donated.

Per the Federal Copyright Act of 1976, a photograph is protected under copyright the minute it is created within the camera. That copyright remains in effect for the life of the artist plus 70 years, unless the photographer legally relinquishes the copyright. Without express permission from the artist, it is illegal to scan, copy, reproduce or alter the photographs in any way. This includes saving an image from the artist’s website or anywhere else the photographer has posted the work, to use it on your own website, Instagram, Facebook page, etc. It also includes scanning prints you have purchased and reproducing them in any way for profit.