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Product Photography Ordering Process

 1. Please call us with a complete description of your product for a quote. Please describe your product(s) and shots of the product that you want as accurately as possible.

  • Include any other information or instructions so that we know exactly what you want us to do.

2. If you are local to the north Georgia area you can drop off your products if you wish.

  • Please call 770-315-5563 for directions.

3. If you are not local; please pack and ship us the items to be photographed

  • Make sure that the items are packed carefully noting any parts that may be susceptible to breakage.
  • Please ship via UPS, FED-EX or other reliable carrier with insurance and tracking numbers for your items.
  • As you prepare your product for shipment, now is a great time to tell us how you’d like it photographed.
  • Clear instruction notes or taking cell phone pictures of the product on your desk or table is the quickest way to get the idea across.
  • A shot list is very important.
  • Clear instruction on your part is required to be eligible for no cost reshoots.
  • Please call or email us for mailing directions.

4. When we receive the package(s)

  • Once your products are received, we will contact you and let you know the products have arrived safely. If any damages occurred during shipping we will let you know at this time.

5. We photograph the items.

  • Next, your products will be handled with care and prepped for shooting. We will remove any dust, fingerprints and steam clothing to remove wrinkles as necessary.
  • An experienced photographer will determine the best angle of view for your photographs. If you have a specific view for any product please let us know by attaching a note demonstrating what you would like to see.
  • We use the latest in digital camera equipment, precision optics and color corrected light sources to photograph your products.

6. Login to review your photos

  • Once the photos are done we will provide you a link for viewing and approving the photos.

7. Payment

  • Once Approved a paypal invoice will be sent to you. (or you can send us a check if preferred) Note: the photos will be sent as soon as payment is received.
  • Your Hi Res photos will be sent to you via dropbox.

8. Return shipment of products

  • If requested we will carefully pack up your items in the original box, place the UPS or Fedex pre-paid shipping label you provided on the box, and contact the carrier to come and pick up the package(s) that hold your product(s).
  • If you prefer us to arrange return shipping we will add the shipping cost to your final invoice.
  • If product is not shipped back or picked up within 30 days it will be disposed of.